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We direct our offer to small and large companies. We specialize in the delivery of goods and the organization of all the formalities related to their transportation. We are open to the needs of our partners so that they can give their customers the best. We rely on proven solutions, but we take an individual approach to each order. Thanks to our services, companies can distribute their goods in the country, Europe, and outside the EU.

We carry out international and domestic transportation with semi-trailers such as FIRANKA, STANDARD, MEGA, COOLERNIA, LOW CARRIER, CUSTOMER, Tipper, MOVABLE FLOOR, and COILMULDE. We have all the necessary licenses for cargo transportation and freight forwarding, so you are guaranteed the highest quality service. We have our fleet of vehicles while cooperating with professional subcontractors.

Why choose us

Fast delivery

We deliver the goods where you want them. Fast, hassle-free, with the highest standards and applicable norms.

Low cost

Take advantage of our services if you want to optimize your company’s costs. We will make an individual quote, trying to respond to your needs


We have the necessary certificates and insurance. We operate under the provisions of the CMR convention of domestic and international transport


Marko is a company, operating with due regard to applicable national and international laws. Our support is an excellent investment that saves you the costs associated with running your own business. We operate in Poland, EU countries, the Balkans, Eastern Europe, and SNG (WNG). We offer FTL and LTL transportation. We provide transportation services, including bulk, liquid, dangerous ADR, neutral goods, and products, requiring appropriate temperatures. We also direct our offer to companies that need waste removal. Our company is a team of experienced drivers and freight forwarders, who are responsible for organizing customs clearance, among other things. In the orders we carry out, we combine safety, quality, and timeliness. This has earned us the trust of many customers.

We will price your transportation

Contact us and describe what you need. We will select the best form of support for you so that you can optimize your company's costs. We will make a reliable and quick quote, taking care of all your needs and preferences.


We have the necessary certificates and licenses to provide transportation and shipping services – we are responsible for the transportation of cargo and logistical issues

We invite you to contact us by email or phone, and our consultant will make a professional and free quote

We provide services on the territory of Poland, the EU, the Balkans, Eastern Europe, and SNG (WNG)

Yes we have our fleet of vehicles or we can subcontract the transportation of cargo to one of our subcontractors

We specialize in the transportation of neutral, dangerous ADR, bulk, liquid, waste, and temperature-controlled cargo by road, sea, air

We offer services with semi-trailers such as standard, tarpaulin, moving floor, curtain sider, mega, refrigerated, collude, tanker, low chassis, dump truck

We prepare documents, and declarations of excise taxes, calculate the cost of cargo transportation and make customs declarations